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Meet Diligent Forms API: InsCipher’s Newest Surplus Lines Tax Solution

Updated: May 30

At InsCipher, we understand E&S policy document creation poses a challenge in the insurance industry and recognize the weight that carries on agencies remaining compliant. From gathering and populating document information to storing documents to filing those documents… the process is cumbersome and frankly, outdated. We’re here to help. Now unveiling Diligent Forms API… the newest automated document-producing software in the surplus lines tax filing market.

What is Diligent Forms API?

Diligent Forms API allows users to pass carrier declination information from their AMS, auto-populate diligent effort forms and pre-fill state-specific affidavits. Normally, insurance professionals manually fill out these forms, routing them through email chains and unnecessary back-and-forth communication. Diligent Forms API simplifies the document assembly process, empowering users to create diligent search documentation with the click of a button. Learn more about the function of diligent search in our blog, What Is a Diligent Search?. Note: this software does not negate the need to perform a diligent search or receive declining information. 

What Can We Expect? 

Diligent Forms API generates state-specific documentation and required affidavits for the respective states and territories that require them. The tool easily integrates with your desired platform or homegrown solution and becomes more powerful working in tandem with InsCipher’s Tax Calculator API. Some integrations require REST API. Using your assigned API key, data will transfer via simple JSON requests to transmit requested data in less than a second. 

When Can We Expect It?

Diligent Forms API is currently available to customers interested in beta-testing the product. To express interest, fill out the form linked here. The broad release is scheduled for Aug. 1, 2024.


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