Surplus Lines Tax Filing Solutions for Every Agency

At InsCipher, our mission is to simplify surplus line tax filings. We help agencies of all sizes accomplish this by offering a variety of solutions tailored to meet their needs. Whether it’s filings done for you through our in-house Filing Services™ team or helping your agency implement InsCipher Connect®, our innovative surplus lines tax filing automation software to file your surplus line taxes more efficiently, InsCipher can help. Spend less time tracking compliance requirements, deadlines, and tax rates, and more time on what matters most– growing your surplus lines business. 

Filing done for you! We manage your policies from start to finish, overseeing all filings, payments, and reports. Simply upload your policies to the InsCipher Connect portal, and we’ll take care of the rest!
With a built-in tax calculator, personalized task calendar, document upload tool, and an expert compliance team at your disposal, filing taxes for surplus lines has never been easier or more efficient.
Centralized online location for state surplus line submissions with a seamless backend system built on a single database. We are the provider for the Utah (SLAUT) and Idaho (SLAID) portals.
State licenses are tedious and time-consuming. Let us manage them for you with our expedited process, automated email reminders, and extensive knowledge of state reciprocity laws.
Tired of tracking SL Tax rates in all 50 states? Unlock the power of our surplus lines tax calculator API endpoint. Instantly access the most up-to-date surplus lines taxes, fees, and forms by state, fed directly into your AMS or website.
With accurate and up-to-date tax rates for all 50 states, calculating your surplus lines transactions just got easier thanks to InsCipher’s complimentary surplus lines tax calculator.

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The InsCipher Difference

We know how complicated surplus lines compliance can be. We’ve been there. Our systems are designed with agents in mind, making managing surplus lines taxes and reporting simple, ensuring compliance and efficiency from start to finish.

Database of State Reports & Requirements

We have a complete, up-to-date library of everything you need to file surplus lines. Rates, fees, deadlines, and reports for all 50 states (plus Guam and Puerto Rico!) are all tracked by our dedicated compliance team.

Intuitive, User-Friendly Online Platform

Whether uploading your policies for our filing services team to manage on your behalf or utilizing the InsCipher Connect portal to streamline your internal filing processes, our system guides you every step of the way.


20 Years of Compliance Experience

InsCipher was created to address the pain points we were experiencing as we strived to grow our own surplus lines business. With more than 20 years of compliance experience, we're here to answer any questions you may have.

Unrivaled Data Security & Protection

When dealing with sensitive information, it is imperative to adhere to the strictest security standards. InsCipher has been independently audited and received the SOC 2 - Type 1 security certification.

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