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Explore the features that make surplus lines tax filing easier for your agency. We got you!

Annual surplus lines taxes get filed 200-300% faster with InsCipher Connect™.

See How Easy
Annual Surplus Lines Tax Filing Can Be!

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InsCipher Connect™ offers automated filing solutions in almost every state

Write E&S with Confidence in 2024!

E-File Directly to
State Offices

Send your Policy data instantly to state portals in large batches. 


Avoid the tedious and error-prone manual entry process. Instantly bulk-file policy transactions in dozens of states with State E-File.

Instantly Generate Accurate State Reports

Auto-generate XLS and PDF State Tax Reports, including OPTins!


Avoid hours spent manually creating state reports, and know your reports are correct! File confidently knowing that InsCipher is providing the most up-to-date reporting forms templates.

No More Missed State  
Reporting Deadlines

Never miss a state tax filing or payment deadline!


Our Filing and Payment tracker uses sophisticated logic to generate a personalized reporting calendar based on your policies automatically. With Connect's automated task creation, you'll always know when, where, and how much to pay!

Easily Access State Login Info

Store all state credentials in one secure location.


Passwords are stored securely and are correlated to with the relevant state filing, ensuring you log into and pay under the correct producer account.

Automatic Quality Control

Built-in quality control proceses ensure reporting accuracy.


Our system is programmed with all states' tax rules and rates, all of which are used to validate that your policies have been appropriately taxed and that state submissions will be accurate.

See what our clients are saying

"Before we started using the InsCipher surplus lines management system, I was always worried that there was some surplus lines report or payment I was forgetting—not anymore. I sleep much better knowing InsCipher is tracking these things for me"



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