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Instantly Calculate Surplus Lines Taxes and access tax documents directly from your system using our InsCipher's Tax API®.

Surplus Lines Tax Calculator API

Surplus Lines Tax Calculator

Instantly access InsCipher’s Live Surplus Lines Tax Rates for all 50 states plus territories via API.


Maintaining surplus lines tax compliance has never been easier. With InsCipher's Tax API®, you'll be able to retrieve surplus lines tax calculations and documents for all 50 states (plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands) and have these rates delivered right back into your AMS, Quote/Bind, or rating system. E&S Taxes have never been easier!

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Key Features of InsCipher's Surplus Lines Tax API®

✔ Surplus Lines tax calculations for ALL states, plus D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands.

✔ Integrates with your existing AMS, quote/bind system, and/or website.

✔ Access to state-required forms and disclosure templates (declinations, affidavits).

Surplus Lines State Stamp Wording.

✔ Returns unique values for states with EMPA taxes, Fire Marshall, etc.

Properly accounts for taxable agency fees by state, including fee restrictions.

And yes, we do calculate Kentucky municipality taxes!

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Live Tax Rates and Fees

Our in-house compliance team keeps the calculator up to date, saving you the effort.


InsCipher runs between 3000-4000 different compliance variables each month, making sure our calculations are accurate to the penny. Our API provides live access to this dedicated research. It incorporates all types of surplus lines taxes, including EMPA, Fire Marshall, and Kentrucky Municipality Taxes.

InsCipher is officially an approved vendor in Kentucky.

Quick & Simple Setup

Integrates easily With Your Agency Management System


The InsCipher Surplus Lines Tax Calculator easily integrates with your desired platform. Using your assigned API key, data will transfer via simple JSON requests to transmit requested data in less than a second.


Retrieve State-Specific Tax 
Reporting Forms

Our API also returns fillable state-reporting templates and state-stamp wording.


Instant API access to our library of state reporting templates and properly formatted state stamp wording and disclosures. E&S Compliance has never been easier.

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