Surplus Lines Solutions Created By Insurance Professionals, For Insurance Professionals

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. Such was the case with the inception of InsCipher.
9 years ago, we were not software developers. We were not looking to become software developers. We were insurance professionals, just like you, looking to grow our surplus lines business. We created InsCipher to address the pain points we were experiencing with surplus lines filing and reporting. We’ve been where you are and have experienced first-hand the frustrations of: 
  • repetitive manual tasks;
  • time-consuming research;
  • everchanging compliance requirements that differ in every state;
  • the headache of managing deadlines; and 
  • the costly impact of late fees when something falls through the cracks. 
We decided there must be a better way. We researched different options but quickly realized there wasn’t a solution that addressed all of our needs, so we created one, assembling a team of talented developers and surplus lines compliance experts to bring our vision to life. Enter InsCipher Connect®, an insurtech software solution that is revolutionizing Surplus Lines filing and reporting. With InsCipher Connect®, companies can:
  • Navigate complex regulatory compliance requirements with ease.
  • Instantly and accurately calculate surplus lines taxes.
  • Automatically reconcile and validate filings before submission.
  • Avoid missed deadlines & fees with customized filing and reporting trackers.
  • E-file in large batches to state filing portals via API
Our cloud-based software, takes the headache out of surplus lines management, consolidating compliance requirements for all 50 states (plus Guam and Puerto Rico!) in a single database. We have created tools to simplify surplus lines filing, designed with the agent in mind—up-to-date form templates and state stamp wordings available at your fingertips, an automated tax calculator with step-by-step guidance that allows you to quickly quote and bind policies, and API solutions to easily transfer your data into our system. And if you’re looking to outsource your surplus lines tax filings altogether, InsCipher has a dedicated filing services team who can manage your surplus line filing, reporting, and payments from start to finish. If you’re interested in learning how InsCipher can save your agency time AND money, request a free ROI analysis today by completing the form below.


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You have nothing to lose but inefficient processes.

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