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Store carrier declination information, auto-populate diligent effort forms, and pre-fill state-specific affidavits using our InsCipher's Diligent Forms API®.

Surplus Lines
Diligent Forms API®

Surplus Lines Diligent Forms API®

Instantly populate diligent search documentation for all states and territories that require them. 


We know surplus lines documents can be challenging to manage—from creation to storage to filing. So, we developed our Diligent Forms API®. After performing a diligent search, users can now store carrier declination information, auto-populate diligent effort forms, and state-specific documents, and decline affidavits with just the click of a button.

Business Consultation

Key Features of InsCipher's Diligent Forms API®

Access to up-to-date Surplus Lines Tax Diligent Search documents, forms, and affidavits. 

✔ Integrates with your existing AMS, quote/bind system, and/or website. 

Saves hours of administrative tasks and paperwork per week.

Eliminates back-and-forth email chains to acquire signatures with our DocuSign integration (coming soon).

✔ Securely stores insured information to quickly populate documentation.


Live & Accurate
Declination Forms

Our compliance team does the work so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business. 

We consistently update our systems with current state regulations and requirements, affording you confidence that your documentation will be compliant.

What is a Diligent Search? What are Diligent Effort forms?

Quick & Simple Setup

Integrates easily With Your Agency Management System.


The InsCipher Diligent Forms API® integrates with modern Agency Management Systems via API. This process is simplified by coupling the product with the Tax Calculator. See our API documentation in our developer hub linked here

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Quickly Populate
Diligent Search Forms

Save hours of administrative time per week.


Auto-fill state-specific documents, affidavits, and other required forms with accurate and reliable information along with stored signatures, saving valuable time and resources.

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