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Surplus Lines Tax Reporting Solutions for agencies of all sizes. We got you. 

Retail Agencies

Retail Agencies

Have filing surplus lines taxes become your agency's responsibility? We'll handle the surplus lines tax compliance, so you can focus on what you do best—selling insurance.

With our intuitive, software-enhanced filing service options, InsCipher makes surplus lines tax compliance a breeze. With over 20 years of experience in the non-admitted insurance industry, we know first-hand the challenges agencies face and are perfectly positioned to help meet each agency's unique needs. Endless research, penalties, and fees are a thing of the past. 


All InsCipher Solutions 

Contributing to peace of your mind and confidence that you are in compliance, all InsCipher services offer the following:

Premium Access to our database of surplus lines tax compliance tools—including all tax rates and reporting forms, maintained in real-time by our sizeable compliance department.

 Top-tier compliance and technical support from our US-based support teams.

Automated compliance, reconciliation, and validation checks on E&S policies.

Our Commitment to timeliness and compliance accuracy.

InsCipher's commitment to data security, demonstrated through our SOC-2 Compliance Program.

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What our customers are saying

"InsCipher has been a critical partner in helping us navigate the historically paper-driven surplus lines tax filing process. InsCipher provides an intuitive, tech-enabled platform for agencies/MGAs who are primarily digital, and focused on back-end workflow improvements."

Vincent Lepore

Specialty Underwriter, Energetic Insurance

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