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Kentucky Approved Vendor Status

We’re excited to announce that InsCipher has become an approved software vendor for the Kentucky Deptt of Insurance.


What Makes Kentucky a Challenging State to File In?

Unlike most states, Kentucky requires taxes generated from insurance premiums to be paid directly to the taxing municipality where the risk is located. Currently, there are over 400 municipalities in Kentucky. This makes it difficult for surplus lines brokers to pay KY municipal taxes to the proper taxing jurisdiction.

What is an Approved Kentucky Vendor?

To help insurance businesses accomplish this task, Kentucky Department of Insurance requires insurance companies and brokers that write at least 2,000 policies a year to use a “verified risk location system.” This location system will be used to identify municipality jurisdictions for which to report local government premium taxes (LGPT). Kentucky approved vendors help insurance businesses file KY municipal taxes correctly.

How InsCipher Became an Approved Vendor

To become an approved vendor for Kentucky, our tools needed to accurately geolocate risks. InsCipher went through the official Kentucky Department of Insurance approval process. We demonstrated that our products are able to successfully and consistently return the correct jurisdiction more than 95% of the time.

In other words, InsCipher passed the test and became an approved vendor for Kentucky. As an approved vendor, our Kentucky surplus lines tax calculator is now listed as a “verified risk location system” in the state of Kentucky

InsCipher Surplus Lines Taxes

What This Means For Our Clients

InsCipher SOC 2 Certification

The Case for InsCipher Connect®

Centralize filing activity with our cloud-based platform, providing transparency for decentralized agencies or those with a high filing volume.

✔ E-File to State Surplus Lines offices in large batches, avoiding tedious manual entry.

Avoid missed deadlines with automatic filing and payment tracker.

✔ Automatically reconcile and validate filings before submission.

Instantly generate accurate reports and OPTins forms using our automated report creator tools.

✔ Instantly and accurately calculate surplus lines taxes.

✔ Access our database of tax compliance tools, maintained in real-time by our sizeable compliance department.

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See what our clients are saying

"Before we started using the InsCipher surplus lines management system, I was always worried that there was some surplus lines report or payment I was forgetting—not anymore. I sleep much better knowing InsCipher is tracking these things for me"



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