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Orange Partners InsCipher and Vertafore Work Together to Help MGAs Manage E&S Taxes

As an Orange Partner with Vertafore, InsCipher understands the complexities MGAs face in managing excess and surplus lines (E&S) taxes. In a recent blog post, we outlined four key ways to simplify this process:

  1. Implement a robust data management system to safeguard documentation and ensure seamless reporting.

  2. Stay informed about constantly evolving regulatory changes across states.

  3. Develop a structured deadline-tracking system to avoid costly penalties for late filings.

  4. Utilize a surplus lines tax software or service like InsCipher's to simplify operations and increase efficiency.

While navigating E&S taxes is challenging, InsCipher's solutions can provide valuable time and resources for MGAs to focus on business growth. We appreciate our partnership with Vertafore and are proud to support our customers through various integrations with Vertafore products. Stay tuned for our upcoming AMS360 integration!

The blog emphasizes the importance of simplifying E&S tax processes, and InsCipher's commitment to helping MGAs achieve this through our software, services, and collaboration with valued partners like Vertafore.


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