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Innovative Calculations: A New and Improved Tax Calculator

Updated: May 9

At InsCipher, we make surplus lines filing easier, quicker, and more compliant than ever before. In December, we introduced a beta version of our updated Tax Calculator tool, and are excited to announce that the Tax Calculator has been optimized with the same features you love, just with a faster and simplified calculation process. Note that if you are subscribed to our Tax API service, your experience will not be affected.

What you can expect:

  • A modernized platform that will increase the speed, reliability, and overall user experience

  • Faster reaction and loading time

  • A user interface facelift

  • A consistent experience that allows for quick feature releases

When you can expect it:

  • The new Tax Calculator is now fully operational and can be enabled as you please - with ease. See instructions below.

  • On February 15th, the updated calculator will be implemented system-wide in a broad release.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns. As we know, in an industry that can be complex, getting it wrong is expensive. Getting it right is InsCipher.


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