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Data Security Matters: InsCipher Awarded SOC-2 – Type 1 Certification

InsCipher is pleased to announce that we have completed our SOC 2 – Type 1 security certification, with our Type-2 certification soon to follow. This rigorous certification is issued by the American Institute of CPAs (or AICPA) and is a report on a company’s data security and controls. The metrics in this report are divided into five categories: securityavailabilityprocessing integrityconfidentiality, and privacy. This certification signifies that InsCipher has demonstrated to a third-party auditing firm that we have the infrastructure and controls in place to ensure that your data is secure within the InsCipher online platform.

Recognizing potential data security failure points

Data security threats are increasing at an alarming rate as systems continue to move toward cloud computing. Every day there are new stories about a company getting hacked and confidential data being compromised. Companies are increasingly reliant on outside vendors to perform certain activities and functions not core to their overall business strategy. With this comes inherent risk. It is not just who you are sending your data to but also what those vendors are doing with the data once they have it. For example, are your vendors exposing your data to their own vendors? Do the vendors you work with have protocols and redundancies in place to prevent internal intrusions, data theft, and other potential misuses of your data? When working with any vendor you have a responsibility to do your due diligence to ensure the vendor is taking the necessary precautions to keep your data safe, especially when you are sharing or storing sensitive information. 

What does the SOC-2 Type 1 Certification mean for our clients?

Obtaining the SOC 2 Type 1 certification reinforces InsCipher’s commitment to ongoing security, availability, and processing integrity of the InsCipher platform. Our customers can feel confident that we are making every investment to establish and maintain the highest level of security and compliance, so they can continue to grow their surplus lines business with peace of mind. 

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Covey - Sr. Product Manager at InsCipher

Covey is a puzzle solver and strategist with 15 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, and Product Management. For the past 5 years, Covey has been intimately involved in the creation and development of InsCipher’s industry-leading product lines. As such, he has quickly become one of the industry’s leading experts in streamlining the surplus lines tax filing process.