Surplus Lines 24/7 Document Access

Don't Be Kept in the Dark—Access to Your Filing Documents Is Available Whenever You Need It

With traditional surplus lines filing services, once your documents leave your hands, they're out of your control. You end up waiting for them to arrive at your service provider's office, waiting for them to be reviewed, waiting to see if they come back for changes...

At InsCipher, we increase the transparency of surplus lines filings. By using digital technology, you can access your documents at any time and check on the status of your filings to see where they're at in the process. No more waiting and wondering and feeling powerless.

Take Control of Your Surplus Lines Compliance

Access to filings allows you to participate in your compliance instead of relinquishing it to someone else.
  • Streamline filings with seamless communication regarding errors and updates
  • Keep track of the entire process to avoid late filing fees and delays
  • Make immediate changes to filing errors before they're submitted to the states
  • Experience reduced stress by checking the status of your filings at any time

Increase Your Filing Efficiency with Improved Access to Information

From transaction documents to state requirements, everything you need is available in one location.
  • Use our knowledge base to get the filing information you need, right at your fingertips
  • Automate tax calculations instead of manually computing complicated formulas
  • Know right away when filing information is incorrect so you can fix it before it's due
  • Download the forms you need instead of searching for them on state websites

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