Check On the Status of Your Surplus Lines Filings 24/7

With traditional surplus lines filing services, once your documents leave your hands, they're out of your control. You end up waiting for them to arrive at your service provider's office, waiting for them to be reviewed, waiting to see if they come back for changes...

With the InsCipher Connect™ portal, you're in control. We offer complete transparency into the status of your surplus lines filings. By using the InsCipher Connect™ portal, you can access your documents at any time and check on the status of your filings to see where they're at in the process. No more waiting and wondering and feeling powerless.

Take Control of Your Surplus Lines Compliance

  • Streamline the filings process with seamless communication between you and our team about errors and updates.
  • Monitor upcoming filing and reports deadlines with your personalized task tracker.
  • Make immediate changes to filing errors flagged by our team so corrections can be made quickly.
  • Experience reduced stress with the ability to check on the status of your filings at any time.

Increase Your Filing Efficiency with Improved Access to Information

  • From transaction documents to state requirements, everything you need is available in one centralized location.
  • Automate surplus lines tax calculations within the system instead of manually computing complicated formulas.
  • Download the forms you need within the InsCipher Connect portal instead of searching for them on state websites.

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Insurance Program Management

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Texas Surplus Lines Association
1,000,000 +
Transactions Filed/yr
States & Territories
3,000,000,000 +
Premiums Processed
15,000 +
Licenses Managed

Helping our clients simplify surplus line tax filing, one agency at a time.


Before we started using the InsCipher surplus lines management system, I was always worried that there was some surplus lines report or payment I was forgetting—not anymore. I sleep much better knowing InsCipher is tracking these things for me.

Veracity Insurance logo
Laura Dudley
Underwriter, Veracity Insurance

InsCipher has been a critical partner in helping us navigate the historically paper-driven surplus lines tax filing process. InsCipher provides an intuitive, tech-enabled platform for agencies/MGAs who are primarily digital, and focused on back-end workflow improvements.

Energetic Insurance
Vincent Lepore
Specialty Underwriter, Energetic Insurance

I am the VP of Operations for an agency in Dallas. We have a couple of programs where we are responsible for filing the taxes/fees and this makes our work much easier. This product takes the guesswork out of taxes and fees. Thank you for this amazing tool!

Lipscomb Insurance
Shyla Lankford
VP of Operations, Lipscomb Insurance Group

You have nothing to lose but inefficient processes.

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