Don't Let a Mistake Cost You Time or Compliance—InsCipher Provides Real-Time Surplus Lines Filing Error Notifications

Filing surplus lines taxes with each state is a time-sensitive endeavor. In addition, in order to avoid penalties, your documents must all be accurate. With complicated requirements that vary between states, it's easy to miss something, whether it's an entire form, incorrect phrasing, or even just a missing signature. Catching these errors quickly can save your business a lot of hassle.

InsCipher utilizes the power of technology to provide real-time compliance error notifications. After you upload your documents into our system, our knowledgeable team reviews each one. Any potential problems are flagged, and an email will alert you of the needed corrections.

Fix Filing Errors in a Matter of Minutes

Don't wait weeks to correct problems that affect your compliance. Submit revisions instantly.
  • Download incorrect documents immediately and reupload as soon as the errors are amended
  • Enjoy greater transparency with the status of your transactions
  • Save time by making real-time changes while the transaction details are still fresh in your mind
  • Focus on production instead of worrying about compliance

Avoid the Extra Expense of Unnecessary Fines & Delays

For many states, late fees accumulate for every day your filing is overdue. InsCipher stops these money leaks.
  • Maximize surplus lines profitability by reducing state penalties
  • Increase your window of time to rectify errors with fast communication
  • Submit filings once and avoid transactions in question with help from our experienced filers

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