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Surplus Lines Tax Filing.

Simplified by InsCipher

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With our intuitive, software-enhanced filing solutions, InsCipher makes surplus lines tax compliance a breeze. With over 20 years of experience in the non-admitted insurance industry, we know first-hand the challenges agencies face and are perfectly positioned to help meet each agency's unique needs. Endless research, penalties, and fees are a thing of the past. 


All InsCipher Solutions 

Contributing to your peace of mind and providing you with confidence that you are compliant, all InsCipher services offer the following:

Premium Access to our database of surplus lines tax compliance tools--including all tax rates and reporting forms, maintained in real-time by our sizeable compliance department.

 Top-tier compliance and technical support from our US-based support teams.

Automated compliance, reconciliation, and validation checks on E&S policies.

Our Commitment to timeliness and compliance accuracy.

InsCipher's commitment to data security, demonstrated through our SOC-2 Compliance Program.

What Customers are saying about InsCipher

"......The Cadillac of surplus lines tax filing"



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