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Legally Compliant RPG Set Up and Creation

Stop struggling to find the proper legal forms and paperwork. Put our years of experience creating RPGs to work--we'll write bylaws, correctly incorporate your program, and fill out and submit documentation to the right people.

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RPG Program Registration in All 50 States

RPG governance varies between states, complicating registration. Our knowledge of state reciprocity laws simplifies the process for registering in your domiciled state and in states where group members conduct business.

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Master Policies with Tailored Coverages

Streamline new policy issuance and reduce underwriting costs with a custom master policy created specifically for your group. Your members will enjoy better coverage and greater power in your insurance marketplace.

Maximize Revenue for Your RPG Program

Get the most out of your RPG program. With more efficient processes and RPG management strategies developed through years of on-the-ground experience, we can help you increase your program's profitability.

Management of State Renewal Fees and Forms

Don’t get overwhelmed by each state’s regulations, required forms, and fee rates for annual RPG renewals. InsCipher keeps you on track and compliant by knowing how much you need to pay and remitting state fees for you.

surplus lines tax calculator

Convenient Surplus Lines Tax Filings (as applicable)

If your program includes surplus lines insurance, our RPG management services help you stay compliant. Bypass cumbersome steps with a streamlined process for your surplus lines & RPG tax filing requirements.

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Surplus Lines Tax Filing Software

Automate and simplify filings with our online portal.

Insurance Program Management

Free up your time to focus on revenue generation--we'll take it from here.

Lloyd's of London Compliance

Gain expert advice to guide you towards coverholder status.

Texas Surplus Lines Association

You have nothing to lose but inefficient processes.