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How to Apply for an Insurance License in New York

Apply for an Insurance License in New York

Before you can become a New York insurance broker, there are several requirements you need to meet first. This article walks you through the steps it takes to meet New York licensure requirements, pass your exam, and get your license.

Prelicensing Education

Before taking your licensing exam, the state of New York requires you to meet specific education requirements. Some of these education requirements include classes in an expertise you have selected. To learn more about prelicensing education, click here.

Submit Your Fingerprints Before your license can be approved, you need to submit your fingerprints to the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS). To learn more about how the CDI requires you to do that, click here.

Pass Your Exam

After you have completed your prelicensing education and submitted your fingerprints, it’s time to take your exam. Schedule your exam ahead of time so you have plenty of time to study. To be admitted to your exam, you must bring proper identification. Learn how to schedule your exam and find additional information about the licensing exam here.

Submit Your License Application Online

After meeting licensing requirements, you’re ready to submit your application. All online applications must be submitted through the DFS portal. Visit this site to begin the application process. You will need to select which type of license you are applying for. Some examples include Adjuster, Life Settlement Broker, and Title Insurance Agent.

Conclusion: Maintain Your License

Once you have earned your license, you will need to maintain it. You are required to continue your education to maintain your license. Depending on your specialization, the CDI requires a certain amount of continuing education hours. To learn more about continuing education requirements, click here.

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That fingerprint link is for officers and directors

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