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Celebrating Success: Lara York, CPCU Earns SILA Fellow Designation

We are delighted to announce a significant achievement within our organization: Lara York, CPCU our esteemed Director of Tax Service and Compliance at InsCipher has been honored with a prestigious SILA Fellow Designation. This recognition underscores Lara's dedication and knowledge of the insurance industry, particularly in the areas of surplus lines tax filing and surplus lines compliance. In this article, we will explore the details of the SILA Fellow designation and its implications for InsCipher clients and the surplus lines industry as a whole.

Decoding the SILA Fellow designation

The SILA Fellow designation, also known as SILA-F, is a distinguished designation comprising five essential components. Each of these elements assesses the professional and technical competencies of individuals in the insurance domain, with a focus on regulatory compliance and industry knowledge. For an in-depth understanding of the SILA Fellow designation, please refer to SILA's official page.

1. Complete SILA-Associate

To attain the SILA-Fellow designation, candidates must commence by successfully completing the SILA-Associate designation. This serves as the foundation for the subsequent requirements of the fellowship, covering essential knowledge related to regulatory compliance and other pertinent areas.

2. Membership Requirement

One of the fundamental prerequisites for the SILA-Fellow designation is a minimum of three years of active membership as a dues-paying SILA Member. This underscores the candidate's enduring commitment to the organization and the insurance industry, ensuring they remain well-informed about evolving facets such as surplus lines tax filing and compliance.

3. Meeting Requirement

SILA places significant emphasis on continuous education and networking. Candidates are required to fulfill this criterion by attending a minimum of three SILA National Education Conferences. These conferences serve as valuable platforms for staying updated on the latest industry trends and establishing connections with fellow professionals.

4. Employment/Experience Requirement

The fourth component necessitates the documentation of at least five years of professional experience in specified areas of the insurance industry. This encompasses surplus lines tax filing, compliance, contracts, compensation, registration, continuing education tracking, education course approvals, publishing, testing, and regulation. Verification in the form of a letter from the candidate's employer is mandatory.

5. Industry Recognized Qualifications and Designation

To demonstrate expertise in the insurance field, candidates must hold at least one of the industry-recognized qualifications. These encompass a wide array of prestigious titles, including Accredited Customer Service Representative (ACSR) and Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR), among others. In Lara's case, her designation is Chartered Property/Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), one of the most trusted and respected designations in the insurance industry.

Lara York's SILA Fellow designation and InsCipher's Dedication to Industry Expertise

The SILA Fellowship serves as a testament to the dedication, knowledge, and professionalism of individuals in the insurance industry. Lara York's attainment of this prestigious designation underscores InsCipher's commitment to excellence and expertise in the realm of insurance, with particular emphasis on critical areas such as surplus lines tax filing and compliance.

Lara's achievement serves as a compelling example of the outstanding opportunities for growth and recognition within the insurance domain. The SILA Fellowship program, while demanding, promises substantial rewards for insurance professionals aspiring to excel in their careers and exhibit their mastery of the field.

At InsCipher, we take immense pride in Lara York's accomplishment and remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients while continually striving for excellence and expertise in the insurance sector, encompassing surplus lines tax filing and compliance. Congratulations, Lara!

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