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Admitted Carrier

What is an Admitted Carrier?


An admitted insurance carrier is an insurance company that provides insurance policies to individuals or businesses. They assume the financial risk of their policyholders by providing coverage for a variety of risks, such as property damage, liability, or bodily injury. An admitted carrier has received a license from the state department of insurance for the authority to write specific lines of insurance. Sometimes they are referred to as a standard carrier.


These companies are also bound by rate and form regulations and are strictly regulated. This protects policyholders from a variety of illegal and unethical practices, including fraud. Admitted carriers are also required to financially contribute to the state guarantee fund. This fund is used to pay for losses if an insurance carrier becomes insolvent or unable to pay the losses due to their policyholders.


Understanding Admitted Carriers


An admitted insurance carrier is backed by a specific state. An admitted carrier can be admitted in one state but not another. To be an admitted carrier, an insurance company must comply with all of the regulations set by the state that has admitted them.

Working with admitted carriers provides added benefits to consumers. When purchasing policies from admitted carriers, consumers often experience the omission of certain fees and taxes. Consumers also have the right to appeal to the state if policies have been handled improperly. This sets admitted carriers apart from non-admitted insurance carriers.

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