Surplus Lines Tax Calculator

Faster Surplus Lines Transactions with an Automated Tax Calculator

Instead of manually trying to calculate surplus lines taxes, make it easy with InsCipher.

To use our automated tax calculator, simply plug in the requested information. From there, we'll determine the correct amount—including state fees—you should charge to the insured.

No need for stress, second-guessing, or double-checking.

Stay in Compliance with Accurate State Standards

Our calculator pulls from our database of regularly updated state requirements for surplus lines taxes.
  • Perform accurate calculations based on weekly updates of state information
  • Spend your time on revenue generation instead of managing changing state standards
  • Be prepared for—and confident during—compliance audits

Enjoy the Time-Saving Convenience of Provided Filing Documents

Filing taxes requires more than a number. Our calculator also provides all of the necessary documents and forms.
  • Complete your filing faster by avoiding the search for required state documents
  • Let our team worry about understanding confusing state requirements for filing documentation
  • Reduce the hassle of surplus lines filing with a streamlined process that takes you from calculation to submittal

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