Surplus Lines Submission Guidance

Eliminate the Guesswork and Let InsCipher Guide You Through the Submission Process for Surplus Lines Filings

Filing taxes for surplus lines is often complicated, overwhelming, and confusing. Because each state has its own set of requirements, which might change at any time, it takes a lot of time and manpower to stay in compliance. Failure to properly manage each process—including knowing when to file, whether information needs to be submitted monthly and/or quarterly, etc.—can lead to expensive fines.

InsCipher solves those problems. Our database is kept up-to-date with each state's compliance standards, so once you submit the basic information for each transaction, we break down every step. We tell you exactly which documents to file and when, and we even review each one for accuracy.


Standardized Submission Process

Translating your policy information into different formats for all 50 states can be a nightmare! With us, the submission process is easy!
  • Use our online Agent Portal to easily submit your surplus lines policies for all states. We then take your policy data and put it in the format that the state requires and pay the taxes and stamping fees on your behalf.
  • Take advantage of our built-in prompts to help you submit the data correctly the first time. This includes state-specific tax rules, document requirements, approved coverage codes, approved carrier lists, state fee restrictions, and much more.
  • Write a lot of business? You can make the submission process more efficient using our batch import tool or feed the data directly from your management system via API.

Find Up-to-Date Information Fast with Our Comprehensive Knowledge Base

Don't waste your time searching through confusing state websites to find surplus lines information.
  • Instantly access any state's rules, forms, tax laws, rates, reporting schedules, etc.
  • Submit filings with confidence knowing that our knowledge base is updated regularly. We are on top of it!
  • Pre-organized information simplifies filing to make it more efficient

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