Florida Surplus Lines

Florida Surplus Lines Tax Filing & Tax Calculator

Manually submitting your surplus lines filing to Florida is now a thing of the past. InsCipher has automated the process. Our easy-to-use software helps you:

  • Stay up-to-date on transaction tax rates
  • Pay monthly stamping fees
  • Manage stamping fee payments
  • Calculate & pay taxes quarterly
  • Minimize state compliance audits
  • Avoid late fees
  • Complete & file reconciled annual reports
  • And more

In addition to filing in Florida, InsCipher can also help you file surplus lines in all 50 states. No matter where you write business, we've got you covered

Benefits & Tools

  • Surplus lines tax calculator for all transaction types
  • Forms & instructions instantly provided
  • Templates for Florida's state stamp requirements
  • Notifications for compliance errors
  • Online platform for document uploads & downloads
  • Step-by-step guidance for submittals

Get more information about the benefits of InsCipher's surplus lines automation service.

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Free Florida Surplus Lines Tax Calculator

With accurate & regularly updated tax rates, calculating your surplus lines transactions just got easier thanks to InsCipher's complimentary tax calculator.

The free tax calculator rates and percentages provided are for informational purposes only. InsCipher, LLC is not responsible for accurate and timely tax filings unless otherwise mutually agreed to in writing between both parties.