Surplus Lines Document Management

Snail Mail Slowing You Down? Speed Up Surplus Lines Filings with Online Document Management

Because surplus lines taxes are often really complicated, it's not unusual for you to make a few mistakes when filling out the forms and other documentation required by each state. However, these mistakes must be fixed before filing. If you use other surplus lines filing services, you have to wait for your documents to be delivered, reviewed, and then sent back before you can even make any changes.

InsCipher lets you skip the snail mail. All of the documents you need to fill out can be downloaded from our portal. When they're complete, simply scan and upload them instantaneously. No stamps, no envelopes, and no waiting.

Don't Let Delayed Documents Force You Out of Compliance

With some states requiring monthly filings, you don't have time to waste if you want to avoid late fees.
  • Get notified of compliance errors within a few days instead of waiting weeks
  • Fix errors immediately and update your documents within minutes
  • Take control of your compliance instead of relying on outdated communication methods
  • Eliminate stress and uncertainty with digital documentation review

Improve Your Agency's Bottom Line with Increased Efficiency & Cost Savings

Focus on profitability by utilizing digital technologies that bring surplus lines out of the dark ages.
  • Boost your efficiency by 500% and complete more transactions in less time
  • Reduce costs by avoiding compliance penalties and late fees
  • Save money by reducing purchases for postage & shipping supplies

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