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Surplus Lines Tax Filing

Simplified by InsCipher

Integrate Directly with


A specialized MGA management system that caters to your complex underwriting, lines of business, and distribution models.


All InsCipher Solutions 

Contributing to your peace of mind and providing you with confidence that you are compliant, all InsCipher services offer the following:

Premium Access to our database of surplus lines tax compliance tools--including all tax rates and reporting forms, maintained in real-time by our sizeable compliance department.

 Top-tier compliance and technical support from our US-based support teams.

Automated compliance, reconciliation, and validation checks on E&S policies.

Our Commitment to timeliness and compliance accuracy.

InsCipher's commitment to data security, demonstrated through our SOC-2 Compliance Program.

What Customers are saying about InsCipher

"......The Cadillac of surplus lines tax filing"



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