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Meet the Rigorous Standards for Correctly Formatted Policies

The strict requirements for how policies should be formatted for Lloyd’s can feel insurmountable. Inscipher's knowledge of how each policy should look, what specific wording must be used on the DEC page, and more will help you get it right.

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Accurate Form and Endorsement Submissions

Don't get overwhelmed by the required forms and endorsements exclusive to policies written with Lloyd's of London authority. In addition to any state and company mandated forms, InsCipher keeps you organized and compliant.

Creation of Monthly Bordereaux Reports

Compiling monthly bordereaux reports is a time consuming process. We’ve got it down to a science that maximizes efficiency, allowing you to focus on revenue generation instead of stressing about stringent reporting standards.

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Easy-to-Follow Templates for Complaints Handling Procedures

Minimize the amount of work it takes to create a complaints handling procedure for Lloyd’s of London. Our fill-in-the-blank style template cuts up to 95% of the time and effort needed to make sure your document meets compliance standards.

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Risk Mitigation Plan for Financial Crimes

Meeting the financial risk expectations held by Lloyd's of London requires diligence & forethought. InsCipher helps you prepare by creating a financial crime manual, submitting your insureds to lists of known terrorists, and more.

Efficient Audit & Compliance Document Preparation

Pass the annual Lloyd's of London audit with flying colors. InsCipher helps you prepare your Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity plan, Gifts & Entertainment policy, and other required documents.

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Surplus Lines Tax Filing Software

Automate and simplify filings with our online portal, InsCipher Connect™.

Insurance Program Management

Free up your time to focus on revenue generation--we'll take it from here.

Insurance Agent Licensing Management

Stay on top of state insurance license renewals and applications.

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You have nothing to lose but inefficient processes.