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No more cumbersome Excel spreadsheets or elaborate, manual tracking systems. InsCipher offers insurance license management services that will ensure you never miss a due date again!
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Multi-State License Application & Renewals

InsCipher will apply for and manage renewals for your licenses across all the states you write business. Our knowledge of reciprocity laws will cut down on application time, saving time and money.

add or remove lines of authority

Easily Add or Remove Lines of Authority

Because each state has different fees, forms, & other requirements, adding and removing lines of authority used to be complicated and time-consuming. Now, with InsCipher, the process is simple and straightforward.

track and manage insurance licenses

Track and Manage Your Agency's Insurance Licenses

Automate insurance license renewals with InsCipher’s email notifications. Get reminders about license expiration dates, continuing education credit requirements, and updates about the status of your application.

easily access insurance license information

Access Insurance License Information 24/7

Information when you need it! Access your license information 24/7 from your customized license portal, hosted by InsCipher. Stay on top of your agency and producer licenses with customized reports, tailored to your needs.

agency license application and renewals

Agency License Application & Renewals

Agency Licenses must be renewed with both the states' Departments of Insurance and Secretaries of State. InsCipher does it all, keeping you in compliance at both the agency and producer level.

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