State Report Updates and Reminders

State Report Updates and Reminders

Please take note of the following changes and updates in the surplus lines filing process for the following states:


  • Quarterly reports filed in Georgia require a wet signature. As such, please make sure that all policies are submitted to the InsCipher team no later than the 5th of the month in which the report is due. All taxes included on the report must be paid in full prior to the filing of the quarterly report. You will receive an invoice for payments required for the month of October. Any Georgia taxes will be included in this invoice. Please ensure that this invoice is paid within three business days of receipt. 


  • Monthly reports in Arkansas require a notarized wet signature. InsCipher clients should expect to get a request for this signature from us. If you are not able to provide this signature, please notify us in advance. 


  • Quarterly reports filed in Delaware now require a wet signature. InsCipher clients will get their report from us two weeks before it’s due. We encourage clients to send their wet signature to us as soon as possible.


  • The quarterly report for Nebraska is due on December 21, 2018, and requires a wet signature.

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