Acrisure case study

Acrisure Case Study: The Impact of Implementing InsCipher Connect®

We met with Courtney Kolenda, Senior Manager & Vice President of Licensing at Acrisure, to discuss how implementing InsCipher Connect® has impacted their operations.

The Challenge

Acrisure’s growth strategy involves purchasing agencies but allowing them to maintain their autonomy. Each agency retains its own name, staff, preferred Agency Management System (AMS), etc. Acrisure absorbs any backend functions the agency prefers to offload–surplus lines, management, licensing, etc. The surplus lines organizations at Acrisure were very fragmented and decentralized. 

Because agencies aren’t required to conform to one centralized AMS or reporting structure, it often resulted in a significant amount of manual data entry and back-and-forth communication. 

The Goal

Acrisure reached out to InsCipher with the goal of streamlining and standardizing the workflows amongst the various agencies and creating a centralized database for policy submission–accessible by all agencies. They also hoped to create a more structured reporting process.

The Results

According to Kolenda, implementing InsCipher Connect® was a game-changer for the company. The ability to determine agency-level permissions and create affiliated licenses for each individual agency streamlined workflows and communication significantly. 

In 2020 their surplus lines filings increased by 200 percent after utilizing Connect®, without adding any additional staff. Kolenda estimates the ROI to be 120k+ in costs savings recognized by the additional bandwidth Connect® created for their existing employee base. She notes the estimated ROI does not capture the additional cost savings recognized by the substantial reduction in late fees/filing fees they were previously receiving before implementing Connect® and utilizing its custom Dashboard Calendar to track upcoming tasks/payments.

Project Info

Client: Acrisure
Goal: Centralized database; improved efficiency
Results: 200% increase in surplus lines filing efficiency
ROI: $120k+

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