Our Favorite Tools for Surplus Lines Tax Filing

There are plenty of tools that help with submitting surplus lines tax filing and reporting. Combined with your expertise, these tools are a great way to improve your efficiency. Here are five tools our own filing team uses when submitting surplus lines tax filings and reports.

Tax Calculator

With a tax calculator, you won’t need to track varying surplus lines tax rates in all the states you do business in. Instead, a tax calculator tracks these changing rates for you, helping you calculate surplus lines taxes more efficiently.

Calendar Reminders

There are plenty of important deadlines to keep track of when filing surplus lines taxes and reports. Utilizing reminders to keep you on track helps you avoid late fees.

Department of Insurance Directory

Accessing a directory of Department of Insurances by state is a useful way to quickly access the contact information you need. This directory helps you know who to contact when questions about surplus lines filings arise.

Glossary of Terms

Occasionally, you may come across a term you don’t know when filing surplus lines taxes and reports. This glossary of terms is a good reference to use when you need to understand a specific surplus lines term.

InsCipher Connect®

This surplus lines tax filing and reporting software is an amazing tool. It combines several of the tools we’ve discussed above, such as a tax calculator and a filing calendar. InsCipher Connect® also provides several required state documents when submitting surplus lines taxes and reports.

What tools do you use when filing surplus lines taxes and reports?

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