Latest InsCipher Updates

Here at InsCipher, we want to provide the best products and services to our clients. Which is why we continually strive to improve and become the best that we can. We’ve been working hard over these last few months and have made a few great changes. We’re excited about these updates because we know they will make your life easier.

InsCipher is Now an Approved Kentucky Vendor

The state of Kentucky requires taxes generated from insurance premiums to be paid directly to the taxing municipality where the risk is located. Currently, there are over 400 municipalities in Kentucky. Now that InsCipher is an approved Kentucky Vendor, users can feel confident in getting accurate surplus lines, surcharge, and local government premium tax calculations with our products and services. Read More.

New Feature: Password Manager

Managing passwords for multiple licenses in multiple states can be overwhelming. Storing them in unsecured spreadsheets is also a risk. Additionally, when a password is changed, it isn’t always updated in your spreadsheet. This can make it difficult to access your account in the future. Here at InsCipher, we have developed a new solution to help you navigate these difficulties. Read More.

New Feature: PDF Cipher

When filing surplus lines taxes and reports, many states have required tax and reporting forms that need to be completed, whether they be a PDF or Excel template. Downloading these templates, filling each individual one out, and reuploading them can be very time-consuming. Our newest feature, PDF Cipher, will help to solve this problem. Read More.

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Date Security Matters: InsCipher Awarded SOC-2 –Type 1 Certification

InsCipher is pleased to announce that we have completed our SOC 2 – Type 1 security certification, with our Type-2 certification soon to follow. This rigorous certification is issued by the American Institute of CPAs (or AICPA) and is a report on a company’s data security and controls. Read More.

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