InsCipher Connect™: What to Expect During Implementation

You’ve made the decision to streamline your surplus lines filing process with surplus lines management software, but what happens next? We walk you through what to expect during the InsCipher Connect™ implementation process, and how to ensure a successful launch.

What is InsCipher Connect™?

Traditional surplus lines tax filing methods are inefficient, not to mention overwhelming, with each state maintaining its tax rates and regulatory filing requirements. InsCipher created Connect™, an all-in-one surplus lines management software, to streamline the surplus lines compliance and tax filing process for agencies of all sizes. Connect™ offers intuitive automation tools designed with agents in mind. In addition, Connect™ provides a comprehensive database maintained by our dedicated compliance team, ensuring up-to-date taxes, fees, and filing requirements for all 50 states. With InsCipher Connect™, staying compliant and filing accurate, on-time tax filings has never been easier.

Getting Started: InsCipher Connect™ Implementation

Getting started is simple. After you have decided to utilize Connect™ for your SL filing needs, our implementation team will guide you from start to finish during the onboarding process.

Your assigned implementation consultant will be your main point of contact throughout the InsCipher Connect™ implementation process, training your team on how to utilize the software and guiding you on best practices when it comes to organizing your SL tax filings. To facilitate this, your implementation consultant will schedule weekly training meetings with you to ensure your team is set up for success once implementation is complete.

Meet the Team

Your implementation consultant will schedule an initial meeting with your team to get to know you and review the timeline and expectations of the implementation process.

During your subsequent weekly meetings, your implementation consultant will train you on utilizing the software, working with you to understand your current filing processes and how they may be optimized to make the transition into InsCipher Connect™ seamless.

Below, we have a summary of what you will experience during each weekly implementation training.

Step 1: Settings Configuration

The first step will be to configure your settings within Connect™, ensuring the system is tailored to the needs of your filing team. 

You will add your users and surplus lines licenses, and configure automatic assignment settings for your team members.

Step 2: Getting Your Policy Data into Connect

We have three methods to import your policy data into Connect™: manual keyed entry, CSV batch import, or convenient API submission. Your implementation consultant will explain each method and help determine which method is most appropriate for you.

Step 3: Review the Policy Data Entered in Connect

Depending on the method you have chosen to import your policy data into InsCipher Connect™, we will show you how to review your filings for accuracy once they are in the system.

Step 4: Defining Workflows

InsCipher Connect™ allows you to manage your filings and deadlines more effectively with built-in productivity tools. Your implementation consultant will discuss your current user workflows and determine how Connect™ can enhance these while providing insight into industry best practices. Ultimately, you and your team will determine what processes work best for your internal workflows.

Step 5: Filing to States

Did you know Connect™ allows you to save time by electronically filing to some states using our State Export Tool? During this onboarding stage, your implementation consultant will review how to electronically file to states using this convenient tool.

Step 6: Complete State Reports

Tired of manually tracking state reporting requirements?

Let our system keep track of this for you! We have a helpful tool in Connect™ that keeps track of which filings should be included on state-specific reports. This feature, known as our State Reporting Tasks, significantly reduces time spent manually tracking which filings belong on which reports. 

Step 7: Complete Payments for States

We didn’t stop there–our State Reporting Tasks tool tracks state payments too! Your implementation consultant will ensure all payment tasks are complete and sent to the state during your final implementation stage. Additionally, they will ensure payment has been received for all invoices within our system. Finally, we will train your team on some best practices in accomplishing your payment tasks and how to pay invoices moving forward.

That’s it! After you have gone through training, you can begin using Connect™ for your surplus lines filing needs. If you have questions following the implementation process, we provide clients access to our extensive Knowledge Base as well as information for contacting our responsive customer support team.

InsCipher is an insurtech company providing software and services that are revolutionizing inefficient insurance processes. Save your agency time and money by automating surplus lines compliance, filing, and reporting. Want to learn more? Request a free demo today!

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