What is InsCipher?

InsCipher is a software and services company that automates surplus lines filing and reporting as well as insurance license management. InsCipher’s surplus lines filing services significantly reduce costs while improving both compliance and efficiency.

What is Surplus Lines Tax?

Individuals and businesses with surplus lines insurance require coverage for a unique risk that would not be accepted by a typical insurance agency in the admitted market. Surplus lines taxes are a state tax associated with surplus lines insurance premiums. Insurance agencies must file surplus lines tax by state.

Understanding InsCipher

Surplus lines regulations can vary from state to state. When insurance companies do surplus lines business in multiple states, managing multiple deadlines and filing requirements can get complicated. Missing important deadlines or filing incorrectly can lead to hefty fines and penalties. InsCipher keeps insurance companies compliant through its expert knowledge and centralized management of deadlines and filing requirements.

Additionally, agencies have several producer licenses to manage in all the states they write insurance in. InsCipher’s services automates this process for insurance companies.

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