InsCipher Password Manager: New Feature

At InsCipher, we strive to constantly update our products and services. One of our newest updates is our Password Manager.

Why do you need a password manager?

Managing passwords for multiple licenses in multiple states can be overwhelming. Storing them in unsecured spreadsheets is also a risk. Additionally, when a password is changed, it isn’t always updated in your spreadsheet. This can make it difficult to access your account in the future. Here at InsCipher, we have developed a new solution to help you navigate these difficulties. 

What is InsCipher Password Manager?

“Password Manager” is the name of our brand-new feature in Connect. It allows you to store and manage your surplus lines tax filing usernames and passwords all in one secure/encrypted location. 

Our new feature will allow you to store login credentials in a place that is safer than the unsecured spreadsheets you may currently be using. 

With Password Manager, you no longer need to scour your spreadsheets for the right state website login credentials. Our storage system will present the relevant username and password combination associated with the surplus lines license you are reporting on, whether it be for your agency or producer in a particular state.

Password Manager allows login credentials to be made available to you, as a filer, when and where you need them. This applies for filing, e-filing, reports, or payments on the various state websites. The Password Manager also tracks all changes made to passwords and allows for the storage of other state credentials.

What will happen to my existing state E-file passwords? 

Your existing usernames/passwords for e-filing that are stored in the Agency Admin users’ settings will be migrated automatically for you to the Password Manager list page. If you wish to view these passwords, please go to Setup > Password Manager. Should you need to set up new states, we have updated each article related to the setup of E-filing for each state. Please refer to these guides. If you need instructions on how to add/edit passwords using this new “Password Manager” tool, you can read them here.

How is my data secured?

InsCipher has an active SOC-2 license, where we have demonstrated to a third-party auditing firm that we are able to keep our customer’s data secure. Should you have questions about how we store and encrypt our customer’s data, including usernames/passwords, please reach out to us with your questions, and we will respond accordingly.

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