InsCipher Carrier Benefits

Offer a Value Add Solution & Help Agencies Increase Revenue

InsCipher connects carriers and agencies with a leading value-add solution to surplus lines tax filings at no additional cost. By utilizing InsCipher, carriers offer agencies a spectrum of tools which increases their efficiency, reduces costs, ensures surplus lines tax filings compliance, and gathers surplus lines information in one centralized database.

Increase Agency Revenues at No Cost

Partnering with InsCipher expands the flexibility of the agencies you work with, allowing them to increase their market share through courtesy filing at no additional cost. With courtesy filing through InsCipher, both you and your agencies benefit from increased revenue and reduced expenses.

Offer a Value Add Program with InsCipher

Using the InsCipher logo is a signal to agencies that you offer premium services which are beneficial to their bottom line. Agents know that InsCipher is the go-to resource for surplus line tax filings. With automated processes, courtesy filing, and a comprehensive database of state rules and regulations, agents recognize that InsCipher untangles the complex regulatory hurdles for them.

Licensing in All 50 States

InsCipher has the ability to open 37 additional states, giving your agents the convenience of courtesy filings. If your agents need this benefit, they’ll be able to write premium accounts outside their resident state without jumping through red tape and the hassle of non-resident licenses.

Additional Solutions for Surplus Lines Challenges


Variable state compliance requirements

Delayed access to documents

Manual submissions

Compliance errors

State stamp & countersignature requirements

Time consuming tasks

Risk of fines & additional fees

Lost revenue

Increased expense to train staff

Human error


Searchable state requirements library

Instant online access to all your documents

Digital submissions

Instant error alert system

Templated state stamps & automated submission for countersignatures

500% increased efficiency

Guaranteed accuracy

Courtesy filings broaden market size, increasing your revenue stream options

Intuitive software optimizes usability

Instant digital corrections

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