InsCipher Agent Benefits

Simplify Writing & Filing Surplus Lines

As an agent, you may devote an inordinate amount of time to meeting regulatory requirements for filing taxes for surplus lines. You may even avoid entering additional markets because of the red tape and expense involved. InsCipher erases the complexity of surplus line tax filings and increases your efficiency. InsCipher's pricing model allows agencies to use our solution for free.

Enhance Workflow Efficiency and Reduce Human Error at No Cost

InsCipher unravels the complex regulatory compliance requirements and automates the filing process. The InsCipher interface is simple and intuitive, which eliminates the need for extensive employee training. This frees up time so you can focus on productive tasks which generate revenue. In many instances, InsCipher's pricing model allows you to use our solution at no out of pocket cost to your agency.

InsCipher Allows You to Broaden Your Market Size

With courtesy filing through InsCipher, you can immediately expand your reach into 37 additional states. Avoid extra fees for non-resident licenses. With increased opportunities to write in additional states, you'll potentially generate more revenue.

Ensure Compliance with InsCipher's Up-to-Date Database

Ensure compliance with InsCipher's database which is updated weekly with each state's compliance standards. Simplify the process with automatic reminders which tell you what document needs to be filed and when. All your surplus lines information is gathered in one centralized location at InsCipher. Plus, the InsCipher software automatically reviews each document for missing information and accuracy which helps you avoid unnecessary fines or additional fees.

Additional Solutions for Surplus Lines Challenges


Variable state compliance requirements

Delayed access to documents

Manual submissions

Compliance errors

State stamp & countersignature requirements

Time consuming tasks

Risk of fines & additional fees

Lost revenue

Increased expense to train staff

Human error


Searchable state requirements library

Instant online access to all your documents

Digital submissions

Instant error alert system

Templated state stamps & automated submission for countersignatures

500% increased efficiency

Guaranteed accuracy

Courtesy filings broaden market size, increasing your revenue stream options

Intuitive software optimizes usability

Instant digital corrections

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